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Futures Week 2022


Futures Week is an annual event that allows policy and foresight practitioners both within and outside of government to explore the future. Futures Week 2022 was held May 31 – June 2, 2022.

Day 1

Keynote address

How governments can use strategic foresight to shape a better future.


  • Alexis Conrad, Senior Assistant Deputy Minister, Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)
  • Maroš Šefčovič, Vice-President for Inter-institutional Relations and Foresight, European Commission

Envisioning an inclusive net-zero future

Examining the role of inclusivity in climate change and sustainable futures.


  • John McArthur, Director and Senior Fellow, Brookings Centre for Sustainable Development


  • Catherine Abreu, Founder and Executive Director, Destination Zero
  • Dr. Romina Boarini, Director, Centre for Well-Being, Inclusion, Sustainability, and Equal Opportunity (WISE), Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
  • Eriel Tchekwie Deranger, Executive Director and co-founder, Indigenous Climate Action (ICA)
  • Jomo Kwame Sundaram (Jomo KS), Senior Research Adviser, Khazanah Research Institute

The metaverse

Looking at whether and in what ways the metaverse might matter to our future.


  • Annie Zhang, Host, Hello Metaverse Podcast, Hello Metaverse

The Internet of Things

Exploring the potential impacts of ongoing changes to the Internet of Things.


  • Ygal Bendavid, Professor, IoT Lab, School of Management, Université du Québec à Montréal
  • Chandra Krintz, Professor, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Dr. Alexis Morris, Assistant Professor, Director (ACE Lab); Canada Research Chair in the Internet of Things (Tier II), OCAD University
  • Ken Munro, Partner and Founder, Pen Test Partners LLP
  • Dr. Isabel Pedersen, Canada Research Chair in Digital Life, Media, and Culture, Ontario Tech University

The future of trust and values

Studying the effects of technological, social, and cultural changes on trust, shared values, and our ability to reach consensus and act collectively.


  • Isabelle Mondou, Deputy Minister, Canadian Heritage


  • Dr. Chike Jeffers, Associate Professor; Canada Research Chair, Africana Philosophy, Dalhousie University
  • Dr. Luke Stark, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Information and Media Studies, Western University
  • Dr. Jennifer Wolowic, Associate Director, Dialogue on Canada’s Futures, Simon Fraser University Public Square

Day 2

Geotechnological futures

Examining the growing interconnectedness and possible implications of technological competition and global power.


  • Dr. Florence Gaub, Foresight Advisor, European Council
  • Rohinton Medhora, President, CIGI (Centre for International Governance Innovation)
  • Chris Meserole, Research Director, AI & Emerging Tech Initiative, Brookings Institution
  • Jeff Nankivell, President and CEO, Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada
  • Kristel Van der Elst, Director General, Policy Horizons Canada

Biodigital: Disruption of sectors

Looking at the potential effects of biodigital innovations on various sectors, and some policy considerations.


  • Dr. Vik Pant, Partner, One Analytics, PwC Canada


  • Lionel Clarke, Co-Chairman, UK Engineering Biology Leadership Council
  • Avalyne Diotte, Foresight analyst, Policy Horizons Canada
  • Pierre-Olivier Desmarchais , Senior foresight analyst, Policy Horizons Canada
  • Evan Larmand, Foresight analyst, Policy Horizons Canada
  • Dr. Sherry Pictou, Assistant Professor of Law and Management; Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Governance (Tier II), Faculties of Law & Management, Dalhousie University
  • Eric Ward, Assistant Commissioner, Strategic Initiatives & External Relations, Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario

Future lives

Exploring changes in society that might transform the way people in Canada live their lives.


  • Simon Robertson, Manager, Policy Horizons Canada


  • Faiz Abhuani, Founder, Brick by Brick
  • Suzanne Brant, President, First Nations Technical Institute
  • Jennifer Robson, Associate Professor of Political Management, Carleton University

Reimagining the future of work

Examining how artificial intelligence may affect future workplaces.


  • Marcus Ballinger, Manager, Policy Horizons Canada


  • Eyra Abraham, Founder, Lisnen
  • Matissa Hollister, Assistant Professor of Organizational Behaviour, Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University

Day 3

Generation Next

Discovering youth visions, voices, and perspectives on the future.


  • Jennifer Lee, Foresight analyst, Policy Horizons Canada


  • Sophie Howe, Future Generations Commissioner for Wales

Video participants

  • Serena Bains, The Disability Foundation, Youth Leadership Initiative
  • Joshua Cabecinha-Alati, The Disability Foundation, Youth Leadership Initiative
  • Daxton Dion-Hoffman, MEng in Civil & Environmental Engineering, President, Indigenous Engineering Students Association, University of Alberta
  • Mael Houck, Prime Minister’s Youth Council
  • Chelsie Johnson, Chief Science Advisor’s Youth Council
  • Malena Mokhovikova, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) Youth Advisory Group (YAG)
  • Gabi Rana, Media and Communications Studies, Media Business, University of Guelph-Humber
  • Nalyn Tindall, Prime Minister’s Youth Council
  • Oswaldo Ustariz, Economics, Philosophy and Politics, Queens University

The importance of visioning

Exploring the purpose, value, and utility of collective visions for the future.


  • Michael Vandergrift, Deputy Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, Privy Council Office


  • Tanya Chung-Tiam-Fook, Director of Research, Programs & Academic Partnerships, Centre for Indigenous Innovation and Technology
  • George Lambeth, Policy and Legal Director, Fundación Democracia y Desarrollo
  • Sami Pirkkala, Secretary General, Finnish National Commission on Sustainable Development
  • Dr. Diego Rubio, Director, National Office of Foresight & Strategy of the Spanish Government