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Policy Horizons Canada uses foresight to help the federal government build stronger policies and programs in the face of an uncertain future.

Latest from Policy Horizons



Sense-making Futures

Our Future of Sense-making report identified 27 areas of change in sense-making. Continued research suggested that seven of these forces have the greatest potential to disrupt the processes we use to gather and interpret information, construct meaning, make decisions, and take action.


Horizons Talks: Wales’ Well-being of Future Generations Act

Sophie Howe, the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales, shares the progress and challenges in implementing Wales’ Well-being of Future Generations Act, and the growing momentum for protecting the interests of future generations in national and global decision making.


The Future of Generative AI

This first iteration of this foresight brief (May 2023) explores some potential shifts and disruptions that may arise due to generative artificial intelligence technologies in the next five years.

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